Seven Tips for Learning Foreign Languages

Apply these seven suggestions to your language learning study, and you'll be amazed at the improvement in your learning.


Tip #1: Set aside time daily for study. It is much better to spare 30 minutes a day, than to study longer periods every few days. Your retention is better with daily study and review.

Tip #2: When you begin your study, take the first units slowly. Carefully practice the pronunciation and master the sounds. If you spend extra time on pronunciation, and careful repetition of native speakers, you will be much more comfortable and able to learn faster when you progress to more advanced material. Getting a firm grip on pronunciation lays a foundation for much faster progress as you advance.

Tip #3: Each time you study, take a few minutes to briefly review what you learned the last time you studied. Ongoing review promotes better retention of what you are learning and helps you become fluent faster.

Tip #4: Don't get too worried when you make mistakes or say the wrong words. You will never get everything perfect, even at more advanced levels. Learning a language is a steady process, and mistakes are going to happen. Just stay upbeat and move past them.

Tip #5: Set goals for your study and measure your progress. If your course is broken up into 15 units, set time goals for completing each unit. Allow plenty of time to completely master and feel comfortable with what you are taught in each lesson. As the studies get more advanced, allow more time per unit to absorb and master the more difficult material.

Tip #6: You will hit periods where your progress seems slow. This is normal, and happens to everyone who studies a foreign language. Don't get discouraged - just relax and take your time. Don't rush through your lessons because you feel you must. Absorb what you learn well.

Tip #7: Have fun! Look for games and other online resources like LomasTV to help with comprehension and understanding of the spoken language. Listen to freely available Spanish language radio stations online. Purchase some music CD's (vocal) - these will help you with the flow and rhythm of the language.


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